FLYCAM PRODUCTION aerial survey (skyview)

FLYCAM Production offers a complete set of aerial survey services using unmanned aerial flight devices

1About company

Achievement departure to any pointed place in the country and whole world

Aerial survey is an affordable and informative business quality-price ratio tool

3Video low-altitude filming

Aerial 3D tour creation (virtual skyview journey)

FLYCAM PRODUCTION is a leader in the field of aerial survey and photo shooting

5Flycam Production Blog
21 May in 22:33 lll International Forum of Professional Videographers and Fotographers
Наша команда провела мастер-класс по аэросъемке(съемка с воздуха) в рамках Третего Международного Форума профессиональных видеоператоров и фотографов в Болга...
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03 March in 18:06 The project Open Ukraine
The project combines all the tourist regions and cities of Ukraine. It contains a variety of hiking trails , the skyview looks at the cities and the landscap...
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